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Terms, FAQs and billing

Terms, FAQs and billing

Azurepath Terminology

The video below walks you through Azurepath terminology in Accounts and Leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I batch import existing data?

    Yes. Azurepath can ingest CSV and Excel data from virtually any existing business list of yours for a rapid start to usage. Import may also be used to batch edit existing Azurepath data or to quickly add a conference lead list. You can also opt to use the Azurepath Excel import template to insure that all data is imported as expected. Click the Import Data tab above to learn more about this important feature or view this import video.

  • Can I customize Azurepath?

    Yes. Azurepath allows you to customize many aspects of the application including column display and layout, chart display and layout, what fields are required, highlighting of cold or closing pipeline, account types, account regions, leads sale stages, and canned touch notes. You can also add your company's logo and change the color scheme.

  • Does Azurepath allow for custom fields?

    Yes. Azurepath allows for the creation of free text or drop down custom fields for both Accounts and Leads. Any custom drop down fields you create will also be automatically charted as part of Azurepath's Trends.

  • Does Azurepath integrate with my email?

    Yes. Azurepath automatically tracks email communications with accounts and leads simply by using "" in your cc or bcc line. Allow ten minutes for any email to show up in account and lead touches.

  • Does Azurepath integrate with Excel?

    Because Azurepath can batch import and update via any Excel or CSV file and export any list within Azurepath to Excel, it makes it simple to fluidly exchange finance information between Azurepath, Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Quickbooks and other finance applications.

  • What is Constant Contact integration?

    When Azurepath's Constant Contact integration is enabled, any Constant Contact Campaign that involves an Account or Lead contact in Azurepath will register as a Constant Contact touch within Azurepath. In addition, if any Account or Lead contact is engaged by the campaign (i.e. they open the Constant Contact email and click a link), they will automatically rise to the top of the lead touch list and clearly indicate engagement to Sales reps and provide them with a visual follow up queue for the day.

  • Are other currencies supported?

    Yes. Azurepath supports of number of English speaking country's currency including the Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar. You can also customize the fiscal calendar start date. Note that changing the currency alters additional aspects of Azurepath such as date formatting.

  • Can I restrict lead access by users?

    Yes. Azurepath offers five roles to cover virtually any company structure. Aurepath's five user roles are Admin, CRM + Forecast, CRM Only, Assigned + View, and Assigned Only. Admin’s can view and edit all information in Azurepath and make system setup changes. CRM + Forecast users can view and edit all CRM and forecast information. CRM Only users can view and edit all CRM information. Assigned + View users can edit only Accounts or Leads assigned to them but view and add touches to leads not assigned to them as well as create and assign new leads (an ideal role for inside sales reps). Assigned Only users can view and edit only Accounts or Leads assigned to them.

  • Where do I enter my billing information?

    Billing information can be entered or updated in System Setup. The "Billing" tab is located next to the "Application" tab.

  • What are "canned lead notes"?

    Canned lead notes are common pieces of information that are important to your business such as if a particular competitor is present or if payment terms have been confirmed. They are short, canned phrases that allow for quick and easy updates when contacting a client. View the Terminology tab above for more Azurepath definitions.

  • Are multiple lead contacts supported?

    Yes. Multiple main or other contacts can be added to any account or lead. By default, any lead created will default to its parent account's main contact information. You can change the lead's main contact to create another point of contact specific to that lead by clicking on the default contact information. Other contacts (billing or shipping contacts for example) can be added using the "Other Contacts" tab located on account and lead detail pages. Note that you can quickly swap an other contact with the main contact for any account or lead. To do so, click on any other contact and click the swap user icon located in the upper right.

  • Can I batch import multiple contacts?

    Yes. To add multiple other contacts to accounts for example, check the "Accounts" and "Contacts" template checkboxes on Azurepath's import page (access via the top menu gear icon located next to your log in name) and fill out the downloaded template accordingly. Drag and drop the filled out template into the import screen to add your filled out other contacts to your specified account(s). Similarly, to add multiple contacts to leads, check the "Leads" and "Contacts" template checkboxes on Azurepath's import page and follow the same steps. View import video.

  • When should I "boomerang" a lead?

    In many cases, a once promising lead will go quiet or choose a competitor. While both issues are a setback, users often want to hold onto the lead for a future attempt at gaining their business rather than just delete it. This is where Azurepath’s boomerang feature comes into play. Boomeranging a lead removes it from the lead list, Insights and trendsing thereby keeping pipeline data accurate. The boomeranged lead then returns automatically at a future date that you specify for another attempt.

  • Do System Setup changes effect data?

    Yes. Making changes to the customizable portions of System Setup will result in corresponding changes in existing data. For example, if a canned lead note or lead stage text is changed, all previously entered canned lead notes or lead stages will reflect the new text. However, deleting a canned lead note or lead stage will not result in existing data being deleted. You will no longer see that canned lead note or lead stage as an option in new data being added but it will remain in Azurepath as historical data.

  • Can I export my data at any time?

    Yes. You can export any list in Azurepath for rapid sharing with non-Azurepath users. You can also batch import all of your Azurepath data at any time.

  • How do I add users to Azurepath

    To add additional users to your Azurepath account, visit System Setup / Users. As long as you've entered in a viable email address, upon adding a new user to your Azurepath domain, an email invite to create a password and access Azurepath will be sent immediately. If new users misplace the initial invite email. They can always visit your company's Azurepath domain ( and hit the reset password icon. Following the link they receive via email will allow them to create their own password an access Azurepath.

Billing Questions

  • When do I first get billed?

    You're only billed at the completion of your free trial. A credit card is not required until that time.

  • Azurepath bills monthly or Annually?

    Azurepath allows you to pay monthly or annually. The monthly rate is $14.95 per user. The annual rate is $149.50 per user (2 months free).

  • What payment forms does Azurepath accept?

    Azurepath accepts Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Pricing is in US Dollars.

  • Where do I enter my payment information?

    To enter your payment information, visit System Setup (click the gear icon located next to your login name) and visit the billing tab. Mouse over the billing area until you see the edit icon. Click the edit icon, enter your credit card information, select the monthly or annual (2 months free) payment plan, and click ok.

  • If I add a new user after an annual payment?

    New users will be billed an annual pro-rated amount upon login. For example, if you add a new user half way through the year and you paid an annual amount on January 1st. The new user will be billed for half the year.

  • Will I be reminded prior to renewal billing?

    Yes, you will receive a reminder email prior to your automatic renewal.

  • How do I cancel my subscription to Azurepath?

    Visit System Setup, click the billing tab, mouse over your billing information, click the edit icon, and then click the delete icon (trash can) located in the upper right. Your credit card information will be removed at this point and you will no longer be billed.

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