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Insights and Trends are two closely related reporting elements in Azurepath. The Insight tab serves as your homepage and it rapidly populates as you begin importing or adding Account and Lead information. Insights are fully customizable and can serve as a to do list for out of touch Accounts or Leads as well as an early warning tool for performance issues. Trends are also fully customizable and compliment Insights with a more visual and detailed view for evaluating your business' performance. Any trend chart can be clicked for a more detailed view. The detailed view contains the associated Account or Lead data in list format and the current and previous period trend line points are interactive (toggle them on or off to filter the associated list data).


Custom views

Insights and Trends can both be customized. Filter by individual or team using the three bar filter button located next to the page's main header. Using this filter is a great and rapid way to compare individual or team performances on Insight and Trend pages. Click the light gray gear icon in upper right to select which insight pods or trend charts you want to display. Show, hide and drag and drop to reorder insight pods and charts in the display window and click the "OK" button when you're finished.


Leveraging Insights

Azurepath Insights are designed to give you at-a-glance information about a range of business activites. This includes recent lead communication, out of touch Accounts or Leads, high value Accounts or Leads, upcoming reminders and more. Insights can be filtered by individual or team allowing managers to rapidly compare activity and performance. The "Quicksights" on the right are tied to Azurepath trends. Filter, customize and click on the Quicksights to drill further into key business performance metrics.


leveraging trends

Trends can be very useful at a glance or as a reporting tool. Be sure to customize what charts you want to view in what order (using the small gray gear icon in the upper right) and leverage the user filter to compare individual or team performance (using the three bar filter button to the left of the main header). Use the trend chart toggle button to move between cumulative, versus previous to date (shown below), and versus previous total. Click on any small trend chart for a detailed and interactive view. Export any trend list for a sharable Excel report. Charts without the toggle button offer insight buttons (circled i) to compare current versus performance.


Trends are reports

Azurepath generates your reports for you automatically. Filter by all, team or individual, click any trend chart to view its detail page, select your time period (week, month, quarter, year or custom period using the calendar button), and click the export icon located at the bottom of the associated account or lead list to export a sharable Excel file. You can modify and share this comprensive Excel report as needed with users outside of Azurepath.

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