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Website forms

Add as a cc'ed recipient to your website's lead form submission notification (in addition to your email address) and Azurepath will capture new leads along with the entire contents of the form submission as a lead touch.


Add to the bcc field of any lead you email and automatically track the communication within Azurepath. Any email attachment is added automatically to that lead as well. If you forget to use, simply forward the email.


Drag and drop any CSV or Excel spreadsheet to add or update accounts, leads, or contacts. You can also batch update payment information such as invoice number, amount, and issued or received date with virtually any accounting software.


Azurepath allows you to upload and store an unlimited number of lead attachments within the application. You also have the option to link to lead attachments outside of Azurepath if you prefer to use DropBox, Google Drive or Box instead.

Email marketing

Connect your Constant Contact campaigns simply by signing in through Azurepath. Any Azurepath lead that is engaged by a constant contact email (i.e. they click a link) highlights green in your lead list and lead touches detail to guide your follow up activities.

Google Apps

Every Azurepath lead has one-touch navigation, calling or emailing. Calls and emails automatically track as lead touches. Google Hangouts and GMail can be set as your browser's defaults for calls and emails for seamless G Suite integration.

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