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About us

A unique approach to business software

Born of necessity

When the founders of Azurepath launched their first business in 2007, the answer “I’m not sure” was the answer for just about any question they faced. How are we doing versus last month? Will we hit target next quarter? Can we afford to hire more people? Should we raise product pricing? After years of paying exorbitant fees for a CRM that seemed to ask a lot more of them in data entry than it ever gave back in insights, they said "Enough is enough. We can do better. A lot better" and Azurepath was born.

Built on principles

Treat clients as partners

You'll always find Azurepath ready to listen and help you in any way we can. We're always looking to make Azurepath even better.

Never price gouge

Your data will always be safe and free to export at any time. Azurepath will never attempt to lock you in and raise it's monthly pricing.

Never dangle features

You'll never find Azurepath dangling key features at higher pricing tiers. Every user will always get all features at one low price.

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It is really about you

This app is your app
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