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Azurepath solves lead management for sales teams

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azurepath user interface

Dead simple to use

Sales reps can manage their leads with single step updates from their phone or laptop. Track all sales activity and automated insights with zero learning curve.

Crystal clear insights

Know exactly where accounts, leads, forecasts and your sales team's performance stand at-a-glance versus the previous week, month, quarter, year or custom period.

The right price for any team

Azurepath costs $14.95 USD per user, per month (after a free trial). Its modern and elegant approach leaves leading CRMs looking seriously outdated and overpriced.

azurepath user interface

Never lose track of another lead

Azurepath automatically highlights and tracks cold leads allowing sales reps to sort by last touch and see their follow ups for the day. Reminders can also be added to any lead touch and assigned to any team member.


Batch lead editing for simple upkeep

Update dozens of lead's stage, estimated closing date, sales rep ownership, or parent account in a single step. You can also boomerang or delete leads en masse to keep your pipeline current and tidy at all times.

Limitless display and filter options

View your lead data exactly the way you want it. Hide, show and reorder lead data columns and quickly filter by user, team, time period and more.


Minimal data input yields powerful insights

Traditional CRMs are black holes. You enter tons of data with few insights escaping. Azurepath turns that dynamic upside down with automated at-a-glance insights into all aspects of sales performance.

Move from your spreadsheet to Azurepath in 60 seconds

Simply drag and drop any existing contacts or lead list into Azurepath's batch import tool and match your file's columns to Azurepath options.


Azurepath feature overview

  •    Automated visual lead queue
  •    Track emails, notes, and reminders
  •   Automated confidence level tracking
  •    Track products and attachments
  •    Track payments and invoices
  •    Find anything with global search
  •    Custom fields and layouts
  •   Automated insights and reports
  •    Filter results by team or individual
  •    Set targets for teams or individuals
  •    Batch import contacts and leads
  •    Batch editing of leads
  •    Aging pipeline highlighted for you
  •    Track time to close and lead aging
  •    Sales and product forecasting

"Azurepath is incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate. It does a fantastic job of marrying a sales tool and a finance tool, which is exactly what we were after."

Alexandra P. - Source8

"How many times do you click on a free trial and then struggle to make the software work for you? I was searching for a customizable CRM system at an affordable price point. Thank goodness I found Azurepath."

Katina T. - Rohan Woods


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